Sunny days, turquoise waves, pure relaxation. You can make your daydreams come true right here.

The Sunny Side of Life

The Maldives is an equatorial nation made up of tiny pearl like islands in the Indian Ocean. The country is made up of 1192 islands that stretch for 871 kilometers. While the country is approximately 90,000 square kilometers in size, only 298 square kilometers are dry land. The islands are divided into two chains of 26 atolls.

The Maldives’ beauty extends beyond the water. About five percent of the world’s reefs, which are formed by both soft and hard corals, are found in the Maldives. These reefs are known for their vibrant color displays. One thousand different types of fish reside on the reefs. Large pelagic fishes like manta rays and whale sharks are also drawn to the Maldives by the abundance of nutrients brought in by the currents.



UTC +05:00
There is no daylight saving.
The currency of the Maldives is called Maldivian rufiyaa (1MVR=100 Iaari).

The voltage in the Maldives is 220/230 V alternating current. As plugs with 3 poles are usually used, you should consider bringing an adapter.

In the Maldives there are two international and several regional airports. Moreover it is possible to use streets (taxis only in Malé), but in general walking is the fastest way to get around the different islands.

In general, every Friday is a holiday in the Maldives and as a consequence, stores and departments are closed on this day.


Taste local dishes like Garudhiya and Baiy.
Visit the fish market and feel the vibe.
Put off your shoes before entering Maldivian houses or mosques, also wear clothes that are at least of knees length for a visit to the mosque.
Learn some Dhivehi as preparation:
Hello = As-salamu alaykum
How are you? = Haalu Kihineh?
Good = Rangalhu


Do not buy, sell, catch or kill wild animals.
Do not take pictures of military or government buildings.
Do not take or transport drugs.