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Our Story

Why we started

The Maldives, where the biggest names in global tourism meet the wonders of pristine nature, is arguably the most luxurious travel destination in the world. For decades, the numerous travel agencies operating out of the popular island nation solely focused on offering luxury tourist facilities.

Atoll Getaways was formed to unveil the hidden paradise of the Maldives; with its rich culture and exotic natural encounters, unseen by the world before. We focus on solving the challenges of the travel market to make the real Maldivian experience more accessible.

Our Founders

Mr. Salah Shareef

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The main reason I expanded into the tourism sector is to create community engagement and employment opportunities for the youth demographic of my home island, Kolamaafushi of Gaafu Alifu Atoll, Maldives.

Having worked decades at the top level of Human Resources in MIFCO, the government SOE facilitating the fisheries sector, and having completed my Bachelors of Commerce, I started my first business venture into resort supplies. Initially focusing on equipment for administration and engineering, and then moving on to construction, I managed to establish my business as a reliable supplier.

My venture into tourism began with the establishment of our first guesthouse. Searching ways to promote this business, I sought the help of industry veteran, Akram Nafees. What started out as a simple mission to promote a single local guesthouse, soon became a massive movement that would facilitate the promotion of every guesthouse, homestay and other tourism establishments requiring the same solutions as my own property. Atoll Getaways is all about providing genuine experiences, both for businesses and travelers.

Mr. Akram Nafees

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As much as I love traveling the world, visiting expos, and connecting with new people, I could not have imagined myself in the tourism industry back in the 90s, as a college student of business management.

Early life constraints necessitated employment at a luxury resort where I was thoroughly trained in the art of hospitality. Resilience got me through the ranks from call center assistant to butler, all the way to the very top management levels. Serving celebrities and working with the biggest brands in the world inspired me to dedicate myself to the travel sector helping me build a large network of contacts.

When co-founder Salah Shareef approached me to help with his guesthouse, we realized that by leveraging my industry contacts and the available resources of our partners, we could build something much larger; a travel platform for the budget market driven by a learning culture that focuses on offering authentic Maldivian experiences! After much research and deliberation, the wonderful concept of Atoll Getaways was born.

Markets we serve


Explore budget friendly way to discover the Maldives; backpacking, boat ferries, home-stays, local cuisine, island cultures and more!


Stay at guesthouses, live-aboards and budget resorts to experience the best of both worlds with affordable luxury travel options.


Experience the super luxury of private island resorts from globally acclaimed travel brands that the Maldives has been renowned for.

Our Mission

What we strive for

We are committed to arranging a truly unforgettable and unique experience for every traveler by creatively connecting the numerous tourism facilities and natural resources available in the Maldives.

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Our Vision

The ultimate dream

We envision to become the leading platform for curated travel experiences and transform the Maldivian tourism industry for both travelers and service providers.

Our destination partners

We offer a complete range of inbound service in our DMC to enable visitors to discover the destination in new and exciting ways


Over 645 guesthouses are dispersed across 200 inhabited islands offer rich insight into the local culture.


Welcoming those with an affinity for the ocean, more than 150 specially equipped vessels cruise the beautiful blues.

City Hotels

A perfect blend of local culture, city life and access to nature, the 12 city hotels offer comfort when in the capital city.


The epitome of luxury combined with preserved nature, offered by over 160 private island resorts.



We offer a complete range of inbound service in our DMC to enable visitors to discover the destination in new and exciting ways

UTC +05:00
There is no daylight saving.
The currency of the Maldives is called Maldivian rufiyaa (1MVR=100 Iaari).

The voltage in the Maldives is 220/230 V alternating current. As plugs with 3 poles are usually used, you should consider bringing an adapter.

In the Maldives there are two international and several regional airports. Moreover it is possible to use streets (taxis only in Malé), but in general walking is the fastest way to get around the different islands.

In general, every Friday is a holiday in the Maldives and as a consequence, stores and departments are closed on this day.


Taste local dishes like Garudhiya and Baiy.
Visit the fish market and feel the vibe.
Put off your shoes before entering Maldivian houses or mosques, also wear clothes that are at least of knees length for a visit to the mosque.
Learn some Dhivehi as preparation:
Hello = As-salamu alaykum
How are you? = Haalu Kihineh?
Good = Rangalhu


Do not buy, sell, catch or kill wild animals.
Do not take pictures of military or government buildings.
Do not take or transport drugs.